Custom Designed Program: Lehigh Applied Management Program (LAMP)

Program Overview

To develop leadership and management job skills, competencies and capabilities for personal development, and provide on-going educational opportunities for the emerging leaders of the company. The intent of LAMP was to accelerate the succession process so that when senior level positions became open, the company internal workforce was the best prepared and skilled to fill the responsibilities of those positions. The program included both instructor and instructor and senior company leadership-led sessions.

Who Attends

Candidates identified to be who are viewed as viable current or future leader who is viewed as ready for advancement to the next employment level in the company or to another key position within the organization.

LAMP Delivery Method

The LAMP program is delivered to cohorts of hand-selected viable current or future leaders to attend based upon key indicators such as their record of achievement, ability to learn, drive to achieve, demonstrated leadership, ability and resourcefulness, self-development and propensity to learn, and desire for greater responsibility. For the program below, cohorts attend in three successive years for one week per year.

LAMP content focuses on four specific development areas for attendees including:

  • One’s understanding of the organizational structure
  • One’s expressed interest in leadership opportunities in the organization
  • One’s ability to lead
  • One’s desire to grow within the organization

LAMP program content goals are:

  • To provide an understanding of the value chain(s) of the company, one’s fit in the organizational structure and one’s awareness of their impact on the organization at all levels
  • To assess one’s ability to self-lead, career manage and to approach leadership roles within the organization
  • To assess and expand one’s command and competence of organizational financial metrics and strategic planning methods as they align with the corporate mission, its vision and its values
  • To enhance one’s ability to manage, supervise and lead people and projects ethically and in alignment with corporate goals and objectives
  • To prepare those identified to assume high level responsibilities in domestic and international environments within the organization as they become available.

LAMP program content may be customized to meet the needs of the company.  A strength of this program is the inclusion of senior leadership, company or industry based, to participate in the application areas of the curriculum.   This general curriculum was designed for industry application and explanations of each content area are available upon request.  For the program below, cohorts attend in three successive segments for one week per segment.  Delivery methods may vary and are customized to meet the company’s need.  This program example servers as a capability statement of Lehigh University Executive Education.

LAMP I (year 1):

The Holistic Business and its Value Chain
Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager
Global Diversity (lunch session)*
Visionary Leadership (dinner presentation with company leadership)
Strategy Planning, Development and Operational Decision Making
Dealing with Conflict (lunch session)
Communicating as a Leader (speaking and listening)
Ethics in the Organization
Conduct becoming a Leader (company led)*
Ethical Conduct in our Company (company –led policy overview)*
Project Management Fundamentals
Marketing and the Importance of Differentiation
Simulation (Management Game) / Assessment Center Leadership Skills / 360 Caps Assessment
Executive Committee Dinner (mentor opportunities)*

LAMP II (year 2)

Communicating Leadership 2: Regional Speeches – Attendees introduce their region to other attendees*
Ethics and Ethics Panel (readying for international work)
Strategic Supervision and Human Resources Overview
Zodiak: Game of Business Finance and Strategy Finance Part 2
Global Diversity and Company Mobility*
Change Management
Harrison Inner View (leadership assessment)
Problem-based Leadership
Strategy: Company Approach including Design and Implementation

LAMP III (year 3):

Communicating Leadership III – Company Themed Presentations
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Advanced Team Leadership
Procurement: Approaches and Solutions Decision Level
Mobility Panel (company leaders on the move)*
Executive Committee Dinner*
Negotiation Workshop
Finance Part 3: Mergers and Joint Ventures
Negotiation Simulation
Capstone Case
Discussion with the Company President*

*Customized for international candidates and mobile candidates

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