Program Overview

Agile organizations quickly respond to their customers by developing products and services that meet rapidly evolving market needs. By understanding not just how to capture and transform information or the "voice of the customer" but also to leverage technology, business leaders such as CEOs, CFOs, or any CxO are able to effectively and strategically align their organization and digitally-compete against their competitors. This CxO Executive Workshop provides business leaders with the tools, knowledge and ability to work smarter and compete at a new level of return.

Highly interactive, this program is designed to transform a company using a four-phase methodology and assessment program developed by Phil Weinzimer, the author of The Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of the Business Enterprise. Utilizing best practices developed by over 150 CIOs, this successfully tested approach includes strategic competencies and skills to be applied to a digitally aware organization, a methodology to measure the organizations IT maturity and a system to strategically improve and implement IT best practices both today and for future competitive advantage. CxO attendees participate in case studies while learning methods, processes, applying templates and acquiring tools that allow them to apply this information to their own organization immediately following this workshop.

Who Attends

The highly interactive CxO workshop is designed for current CxOs or aspiring CxOs and their top tier reports who want to understand how to leverage information and technology that will improve the competitive advantage of their company.

Impact and Benefits

  • Gain a working knowledge of the four transformation phases companies employ to go from a cost-centric organization to a valued business unit that becomes a profit driver of the organization?
  • Learn to navigate the four transformation phases to help your company innovate customer value by leveraging information and technology
  • Learn to assess and measure the strategic maturity of your IT organization and the maturity of your organization's business and digital acumen
  • Develop a go-forward action plan to rejuvenate your IT organization and update IT competencies and the skills of your IT personnel
  • Understand how strategic CIOs and CxOs leverage information and technology for competitive advantage
  • Join peers in facilitated discussions about IT challenges and best practices
  • Participate in networking opportunities with CxO peers

Program Leaders

Phil Weinzimer
John Bowen