Program Overview

Why does every company need an effective creative brief?  Three words – Focus, Consistency and Gut Check.  Like it or not, far too many outside agency creative teams create advertising from their own perspective of the brand; not from that of the target audience.  A creative brief is a blueprint from which specific objectives should be set and specific outcomes must be achieved.  This Executive Education program teaches the marketing professional how to translate the brand architecture into a comprehensive creative brief that provides clear direction and sets clear expectations resulting in better, more focused advertising consistent with the brand’s marketing strategy.  This Executive Education program is designed for any marketer involved in setting creative direction and managing outside agency resources.  Participants learn how to develop the brief’s components and begin the detailed process for creating a new identity, a new message, and a new campaign.  The outcomes include better customer communications as measured in on-going brand awareness, trial and repeat purchase rates.

Who Attends

Brand Directors; Product Directors; Brand Managers; Product Managers; Marketing Managers; Agency Account Managers

Impact & Benefits

  • Learn to create clear brand differentiation
  • Develop go-forward creative briefs
  • Create more-effective advertising, Sales Promotions, Packaging, Merchandizing


Steve L. Savino