Program Overview

A reliance on teams to perform all kinds of work has never been greater.  And, while teams can yield the kinds of benefits envisioned by their creators, they can also waste the time and energy of members, enforce lower performance norms, create patterns of destructive conflict within and between groups, and make notoriously bad decisions. Groups can also exploit, stress, and frustrate members—sometimes all at the same time. 

Numerous research studies conclude that the effectiveness of team leaders has a disproportionate effect on team success.  Without question, having an effective leader enhances greatly the chances of having an effective team.  This session covers the topics that individuals must master in order to be effective team leaders.  Topics include:

Who Attends

Team leaders, leaders of teams, managers, and current and future company leaders

Impact & Benefits

  • Understand the characteristics of an effective team
  • Recognize the barriers to team success—and what do about them
  • Learn to provide effective feedback
  • Understand how to manage team conflict
  • Learn to use teams effectively
  • Learn to managing team projects
  • Guide teams toward consensus 
  • Understand how to motivating and rewarding team members
  • Learn to managing virtual teams
  • Understand how to use a set of diagnostic measures to promote continuous team improvement
  • Learn to create meaningful team goals


Robert Trent, Ph.D.

Date and Registration

This course will take place on November 15th, 2016. The cost is $965.