Join us for Capstone Experience: Supply Chain Simulation

June | 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Lehigh University

This program is designed for mid-level working professionals and at this time is only available as a part of the Supply Chain Management Certificate Program.

Program Overview

For many companies, supply chain management has become an important element of strategic advantage. However, achieving a strategic advantage requires effective design, integration and management of multiple elements within the supply chain. This capstone experience is designed to develop an understanding regarding how to achieve competitive advantage through the effective integration of supply chain elements in support of corporate strategy and in response to competitive realities and market requirements.

This capstone program uses case-based learning to illustrate supply chain decision-making. This will provide a rich learning experience as participants (1) analyze complex data, (2) evaluate the costs and benefits of cross-functional trade-offs, (3) make critical supply chain decisions, (4) evaluate the consequences of those decisions and (5) work continuously to improve supply chain performance.

Who Attends

Current and future company leaders, supply chain managers, buyers, logistical professionals, and professionals leading cross-functional teams

Impact & Benefits

  • Help link competitive strategy to elements of supply chain design and management
  • Develop an understanding of the elements of design critical to positioning the supply chain to achieve competitive advantage
  • Understand the impact of globalization, cost elements and management issues in a global supply chain environment
  • Examine the importance of inter-firm relationships in achieving competitive advantage through supply chain activities and processes
  • Understand the contribution of strategic sourcing to the competitive advantage of the firm and requirements for achieving strategic advantage through supply management

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