Program Overview

Great conversations are built on a foundation of emotional intelligence and an understanding that what people want to talk about is based on their motivators, and how they approach communication and will be based on their preferred communication style. "People reading" is an important foundation for all conversations so this program begins with learning how to identify communication styles, workplace motivators and emotion wakes.
Conversations for Change is an important skill to master when you strive to be a 'best in class' success as a leader, manager and/or team member.  Becoming comfortable creating the proper dynamics for conversations and approaching the conversations in specialized way allows one to experience confidence and credibility as a leader. When one or some of these approaches is missed in the dialogue with others, it will not create the success you may be looking for or a positive outcome.

Who Attends

Current and future company leaders; rising managers; team member and leaders or others who engage in difficult conversations in the organization.

Impact & Benefits

Attendees will understand how to:

  • Successfully apply Value Motivators in their Discussions
  • Define Emotional Intelligence and How to Build It
  • Clearly identify Communication Styles
  • Address conversations about creating new possibilities; connection; structure; commitment; action; accountability; conflict resolution; addressing breakdown, withdraw and/or disengagement; change; appreciation; and closing.
  • Design a Conversation Journey Map.


Shawn Kent Hayashi
Executive in Residence, Lehigh University


The program cost is $965 and includes all materials, a copy of the book Conversations for Change by Shawn Kent Hayashi, a program assessment, a continental breakfast and lunch, networking with other program attendees and a certificate of attendance.