Program Overview*

Your company Vision articulates what you want for your business and describes what your company will look like (and feel like) in the future. Vision, by its nature, is idealistic and stated in positive terms. Clearly, a Vision expresses possibilities not limitations.  It likely also describes how big the company will grow and how your company will be perceived by the outside world. 

Internally, sharing your vision creates commitment rather than mere compliance. It pushes the innovation envelope.  It also provides an understanding and internalization of the values by which the company lives.  There is no such thing as being 99% committed.  True commitment to company goals and prosperity starts with a compelling, articulate, shared vision. 

A Vision is ‘leader driven’ but worthless absent broad sharing at every level of the organization.  The keys are integration and congruency.  Vision must be broad enough to inspire but detailed enough to understand and support.

Who Attends

Current and future company leaders who lead the organization and its culture.

Impact & Benefits

  • Develop a strategy to enroll, align and strategically engage the workforce in implementing an effective corporate vision
  • Learn the impact of a clear vision statement on the organization, its employees and the development of the organizational culture
  • Understand how the vision, mission and values of the organization affect the hiring process and currently and future employee performance
  • Create a vision statement that impacts the strategic direction of the organization


Richard Neulight