Program Overview

All organizations (for profit and non-profit) must successfully design, develop, and market their goods and services to grow and prosper. Every employee of an organization must understand the process of new product development in order to make meaningful contributions to the success of the products and the firm. This program provides an overview of the key decisions that must be made to convert an idea into a commercially available product. A variety of concepts, tools, and decision-making strategies used in the innovation process are discussed with real world examples. The development of the whole customer experience, i.e., product, pricing, promotion, and placement strategy is discussed.

Who Attends

Executives and senior managers responsible for the design, development and marketing of new products and services with small, medium and large size firms.

Impact & Benefits

  • Implement techniques that foster an experimentation mindset
  • Discover tools and concepts that foster the innovative process
  • Understand the key decision matrix that leads to a successful product launch
  • Learn cutting-edge concepts and strategies to improve new product success


Ravi Chitturi, Ph.D.