Program Overview

Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX) was named Businessman of the Year by Fortune Magazine in 2014.  He is often compared with Steve Jobs (Apple) as a Transformer and Disrupter of Industry and even people.  Jeff Bezos, from Amazon, also joins these two leaders as a Disrupter of Industry in his field. Along the way, all of these leaders have developed very special skills that few people have.  They are noted for their Determination – a trait that actually dwarfs all other skills.  Dick Brandt looks at the good and bad of these kinds of leaders and discusses a few mental traits that are very rare in business.  Along this journey, people skills and collaboration may be left behind.

Who Attends

Senior leaders, directors, managers and key employees who assume leadership roles in the organization. 

Impact & Benefits

  • Study the attributes of key leaders from three very successful companies that became industry leaders
  • Learn disruptive skill sets including key indicators of determination as a skill of leadership
  • Understand the mental traits utilized by disruptive leaders
  • Learn techniques to avoid conflict with disruptive leaders


Richard M. Brandt