Program Overview

Business decisions require sound financial processes and analysis to determine the impact of strategic financial investments on any organization.  Starting with strategy, the Phases of Capital (including planning, evaluating, status reporting, and post-completion auditing) provide the foundation for a successful investment program.  In addition to the specifics of investment phases, the inclusion of appropriate quantified and non-quantified project cash flows is discussed.  This program develops a solid foundation for project analysis and a framework to understand a project’s risk and sensitivity.  In parallel with exploring the investment, required rates of returned are developed based on an organization’s cost of capital and extended as project “hurdle rates”.  The business investment decisions addressed include: cost savings capital equipment, capacity expansion, new product development, marketing programs, and information technology as well as investments via acquisition.

Who Attends

Current and future company leaders and managers in decision making roles, individuals who may be identified for succession in the organization, technical individuals who propose capital expenditures, or individuals who want to improve their understanding of these significant business processes.

Impact & Benefits

  • Develop or improve your understanding of finance and accounting
  • Understand the best practices in the investment process and analysis
  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively with finance professionals
  • Learn corporate investment valuation techniques to assess capital investment decisions including new products and acquisitions
  • Discuss appropriate investment rates of return
  • Increase comprehension of current approaches and analytical techniques using financial investment evaluation


Samuel Weaver, Ph.D.