Program Overview

What does global account management entail and how do you develop a strategy in an international market place that is unfamiliar to your business?  Improve your team’s access and potential success by understanding the characteristics of sales persons appropriate to global assignments and the steps to develop and implement a global sales measurement process called the sales funnel.  This program provides a systematic approach to new market entry and the probability for and management of sales and sales growth in that environment.

Who Attends

Senior leaders, directors, managers and key employees who assign or assume international sales assignments for an organization. 

Impact & Benefits

  • Learn about available and effective tools for market familiarization
  • Understand the characteristics of successful international sales persons
  • Understand the support systems needed to improve your international sales person’s success
  • Learn the sales funnel tool and its measurement capabilities
  • Identify the key indicators that lead to remaining or successfully exiting a global market


Richard M. Brandt