Program Overview

Managers are often trained and motivated to focus on their internal operations in their search to increase efficiency and decrease costs. This course is intended to enable managers to look outside of their own company to consider their supply chain to identify ways to improve effectiveness and decrease waste.  This workshop exposes participants to current management thinking, methods and strategies associated with Collaboration, Forecasting, Quality Management and Lean Management.

Who Attends

Executives who are interested in developing the capability to achieve competitive advantage through strategic design of the supply chain and effective integration of functional elements in support of corporate strategy and in response to competitive realities and market requirements.

Impact & Benefits

  • Develop an understanding of collaboration within the firm and across the supply chain.
  • Learn how to apply various types of forecasting techniques.
  • Identify the characteristics of a total quality organization.
  • Differentiate between Total Quality Management and Six-Sigma.
  • Understand how to develop good performance metrics.
  • Appreciate how to apply lean management tools across the entire supply chain.


Zach Zacharia