Program Overview*

The activity of innovation is central to our Quality of Life. Every human is either a consumer or creator of products, or both. Innovation is the fuel that runs regional, national, and global economies. It is a source of competitive advantage for firms and nations, and perhaps the single most efficient process of wealth creation and distribution.

Participants learn the process of innovation management with emphasis on DESIGN FOR VALUE.  Concepts and tools such as conjoint analysis, product architecture, product platform, Six Sigma quality, Design-for-Manufacturability and Customer Value Development will be discussed.

Understanding and improving the process of innovation is critical for making efficient and effective executive decisions. In this program, participants discuss and debate a variety of concepts involved in the process of innovation, and why it is important for your business including technology, innovation, and society; the process of innovation; design innovation and customer loyalty; and creating breakthrough products.

Who Attends

Company innovators and engineers; new product designers; marketing managers, current and rising leaders and others directly involved in the customer-product experience. 

Impact & Benefits

  • Develop skills and tactics to relate to the customer experience and think beyond the customer experience
  • Learn to apply the process of innovation to product development opportunities
  • Understand the process of innovation and the relations between customers and products
  • Realign the process of design toward how customer’s develop relationships with your products and organization


Ravi Chitturi, Ph.D.