Program Overview

There is no doubt that the U.S. labor force is becoming increasingly diverse among a range of demographic and cultural dimensions. In addition, globalization has required workers in the U.S. to interact more frequently with individuals from other countries and cultures. Because the mismanagement of diversity can have serious negative consequence for organizations, managers who have developed inclusive leadership skills will be better prepared to manage and leverage differences at work most effectively. 

This course outlines the complex dynamics that emerge in diverse groups and environments, explains how differences at work affect individual performance and attitudes, showcases how leaders can manage differences at work inclusively to enhance the performance of individuals, groups, and organizations, and prepares participants’ to lead inclusively.

The course will be taught with a combination of lectures, self-assessments, class discussions, group exercises, self-reflections, case studies, and current events.

Who Attends

Senior managers and key employees who manage or lead others

Impact & Benefits

  • Develop skills and competencies for effectively managing diversity and its effects in the workplace
  • Gain an understanding of the value of a diverse and inclusive organization
  • Understand diversity in a global context
  • Explore multiple aspects of diversity in the 21st century workplace
  • Gain an understanding of complex dynamics that emerge in diverse groups and environments
  • Learn from others, their methods and tactics for managing diversity and inclusion
  • Relate diversity to career and work outcomes; Learn techniques to leverage diversity for success at work and in your career


Corrine Post, Ph.D.