Maximum Influence: How to Persuade Without Authority or Position

November 3, 2017 | 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Lehigh University

This program is designed for mid-level working professionals and is available for open enrollment. It can also be applied to our certificate programs



Lehigh University Executive Education invites you to sharpen your business skills by attending Maximum Influence: How to Persuading Without Authority or Position. While “lean”, “red and blue oceans”, “coopetition” and “collaboration” are among the common terms in agile businesses today, the savvy and successful possess the skills to gain trust, to influence and to persuade. The organizations that neglect to develop these key skills find a negative impact to the organization’s bottom line. 

Join Kurt W. Mortensen, one of America’s leading authorities on persuasion, negotiation and charisma, to learn to influence without authority, to persuade, and to motivate others.  Kurt has over 18 years of experience researching persuasion, leadership and motivational psychology.  He is the author of Persuasion IQ, the Laws of Charisma and his best-selling book, Maximum Influence.  Mortensen, the founder of Advanced Influence, teaches that professional success, personal relationships, leadership potential, and income depend on the ability to persuade, influence, and motivate others.

Impacts & Benefits

  • Overcome Objections Before They Are Even Brought Up!
  • Effortlessly Build Rapport with Any Personality Type
  • Learn how the Subconscious Influences Decisions
  • Understand blunders that Cause Persuasion Resistance
  • Learn to Develop Instant Trust and Credibility in The First 5 Minutes
  • Learn to Read the Impact of Your First Impression 
  • Learn to have Absolute Confidence in What You’re Saying
  • Harness The Most Powerful Words and Put Them to Use
  • Learn to maintain a Proper Balance Between Emotion and Logic During Your Presentation
  • Understand and Use Positive And Negative Nonverbal Communication


Kurt W. Mortensen
Best-selling author of Persuasion IQ, Laws of Charisma and Maximum Influence

What People Are Saying About Maximum Influence

“This is truly remarkable information,” said Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. “It is based on solid scientific research and extensive field experience. It contains unbelievably comprehensive and fresh new angles and insights to persuasion, using immensely practical examples.”

“This is a great,” said Brian Tracy, Author of Advanced Selling Techniques. “Magnetic Persuasion shows you how to immediately influence and persuade other people in every area of your life.”

“Kurt has provided the most complete work on persuasion and influence I have ever read,” said Robert G. Allen, Author of Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, and The One Minute Millionaire. “Nowhere in persuasion literature have I ever seen the art and science broken down into such thorough and easy-to-understand concepts, covering every aspect of persuasion imaginable.”


The cost of this program is $1060. Program attendees will receive all program materials, program meals (continental breakfast, lunch and beverage breaks), exceptional learning opportunities with Lehigh faculty, and networking opportunities with likeminded managers.

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