Program Overview

Leaders can rely on themselves to have all the answers, or they can motivate and energize their workforce to high performance standards, thus leveraging the strengths and synergy of the entire team, and carrying the organization far beyond one person's individual talents. Values-based leadership is the means to create a high energy, committed workforce that achieves incredible results. This program emphasizes specific behaviors that enhance leadership effectiveness and create a high performance culture.

Who Attends

Rising leaders who are a part of the succession planning program in an organization or those who would like to be better leaders and decision makers in their organizations future.

Impact & Benefits

  • Learn how to make strategic, intentional improvements in leadership behavior
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness at all levels
  • Develop tactics to drive behavioral changes in corporate culture, performance effectiveness, employee commitment and workforce morale
  • Learn what drives corporate culture and how to improved productivity and commitment


Susan Green