Program Overview

In a global world, the products created by a firm are sold all over the planet. The nature and intensity of competition for the same product varies from country to country. For the firm to maximize financial performance, every employee, including the top management team of a firm, needs to understand the “IDEA – QOL” framework—how the political, social, cultural, sustainability, and economic systems impact the innovation process and the financial success of its offerings across countries. Developed to enhance the strategic business understanding of prospective markets, this program teaches and applies the IDEA-QOL framework as a predictor of new product development and innovation to market success and sustainability, stakeholder wealth, and quality of life.

Who Attends

Decision makers at all levels of the organization including human resources, research and development, sales, manufacturing, supplier logistics, and marketing in any sized firm.

Impact & Benefits

  • Gain substantial understandings of new market entry dynamics
  • Understand global competition and sources of competitive disadvantage
  • Apply a framework that explores opportunity costs and decision-making techniques in a global marketplace
  • Understand the impact of large and small scale decisions as predictive factors of business success across the organization


Ravi Chitturi, Ph.D.