Program Overview

A professional salesperson’s closing rate is the ultimate benchmark for measuring sales success. This Executive Education program is designed to present the eight steps in the sales cycle with particular emphasis on closing techniques. In this program, we explore a wide range of issues from qualifying sales leads; to effective cold calling; to closing techniques – all with an eye toward improving advancing ratios and closing rates. 

The professional salesperson participating in this program learns proven selling approaches and practices; various closing techniques, including the Assumptive, Choice and Ben Franklin techniques. 

This Professional Selling Executive Education program is designed for commission-based paid salespeople who have specific quotas to reach and who need a better process for initiating the customer relationship, developing the customer relationship and enhancing the customer relationship.

Who Attends

New Sales Managers; Inexperienced Field Sales Reps

Impact & Benefits

  • Better Advancing Ratios
  • Better Closing Rates


Steve L. Savino