Program Overview

Studies show that more than 90 percent of companies are using some form of Cloud computing, a clear indication that the Cloud has quickly become an essential ingredient of modern business, innovation, and information technology. This means more and more companies require both Cloud computing professionals as well as Business Managers with demonstrable skills to provide guidance, development, and support for secure migration, utilization, assessment, and audit of Cloud services used within their organization and on behalf of their clients.

This presentation will focus on two aspects of Cloud computing: Understanding Risk Assessment and Security Guidance in moving to Cloud services and a Practical and Applied Understanding of Design and Deployment of Cloud services solutions. We will be utilizing the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge) guidance in understanding risk and security guidance, while observing how Cloud solutions are designed and deployed utilizing the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform and Cloud environment to not only review current SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and other commercially available deployments, but demonstrate how to create an account and actively “stand up” some of your own Cloud services as well.

Who Attends

Executives, Business and/or Purchasing Managers, Auditors, or IT Managers or Systems Professionals whose organizations are either seeking guidance on, or doing business with, Cloud Services solutions providers.

Impact & Benefits

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the varied service models and service providers within those spaces that are available within Cloud computing.
  • Demonstrate and understanding of economies within Cloud computing services including but not limited to: Democratization of computing resources, shifting of supply chain impacts, “Spot” acquisition of computing resources, and Computing Elasticity and mobilization strategies.
  • Develop a “Cloud Services” policy, plan, and/or guide for your organization to assist with Data Risk Mitigation, Legal Compliance, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Service Level Agreements, and Contracts Evaluation in moving business processes to the Cloud     


Keith Hartranft CISSP, PCIP
Chief Information Security Officer, Lehigh University