In the beginning sales equaled bargaining - Selling 1.0. Now, Solution Selling, Spin Selling, Customer Centric Selling, Strategic Selling, Consultative Selling, and a myriad of variations on these techniques proliferate the professional landscape - Selling 2.0. Technique based approaches tend to focus exclusively on the process and are often expensive, confusing, suboptimal and myopic. People buy from people, not from a process. For Sales Leaders there are only two competencies critical to your success.

  1. Build trust with your clients so that they want to do business with you
  2. Agreeing with your clients on how business will be conducted

Selling 3.0 is built on releasing the power of intelligence, not learning a rote technique. This workshop will focus on understanding and mastering information gathering from your customers through the power of questions and converting the answers into intelligence by using analytical tools, including CRM.  Selling 3.0 then introduces an elegant selling framework as a roadmap to keep you on track.


Leaders, managers and aspiring sales professionals who want to master their efficiency and effectiveness in successfully closing a sale.


Appropriate for leaders, managers and aspiring sales professionals in Selling 3.0 will:

  • Assess their current level of sales mastery through a benchmark simulation and assessment tool
  • Become aware of how they personally effect the selling process
  • Master open and closed probes appropriately and effectively, ask provocative questions to establish relationships and discover needs and use power questions to differentiate their offering
  • Demonstrate mastery of how to discover customer needs, handle customer concerns and close a sale effectively
  • Be familiar with sales analytics and selling tools
  • Know the critical elements of closing a sale
  • Discuss appropriate investment rates of return


James J. Ranieri
President & CEO, theNavigatorGroup

Download the Program Flier (PDF)