Program Overview*

It has been known for some time that a bad decision can ruin a career or a company just as easily as an effective decision can drive sustainable success. Indeed, the field of decision science has produced two Nobel prizes in economics. Over the last twenty-five years hundreds of thousands of pages have been written offering advice on why decision making goes awry and how to improve it including the NY Times best seller Thinking Fast and Slow. Nationally recognized decision making author and expert Quinn Spitzer offers a quick guide to the current thinking in decision science translating these theories into practical tools to improve both strategic and operational decision making.  This session is rich with anecdotes and examples.  Entertaining decision exercises and quizzes coupled with compelling case studies make for a face paced day illustrated with numerous examples and stories and revealing that as much as there is a science to decision making, it also remains an indispensable management art.  Topics to be explored include:

  • The evolution of Strategic Decision Making
  • Decision Drivers such as Basic Beliefs and Core Values
  • Strategic Pathways as a Primary Determinant of Strategic Architecture
  • Decisions for Competitive Advantages and Positioning
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Decision Making Models and System 1 and System 2 Thinking
  • Structured Methodologies for Making Key Decisions

Who Attends

Current and future company leaders; rising managers; current decision makers in the organization

Impact & Benefits

  • Gain a sufficient understanding of strategic and operation decision making models
  • Assess how decision making models positively influence opportunities for the organization
  • Gain and structured method for making key decisions
  • Learn tactics for understanding and building a strategic architecture
  • Learn to identify product market priorities through critical thinking skills


T. Quinn Spitzer, Jr.

Date and Registration

This course took place on September 20th, 2016. The cost is $965.