Program Overview

Focused on how to develop a strategy for foreign market entry, this course defines the strategic steps to consider.  Among the steps for market entry, heavy emphasis is placed on joint ventures.  This program explores the most important points in negotiations and the many different reasons and objectives for the joint venture.  Group breakout discussions on joint ventures from 12 real-life cases are explored to demonstrate the political and operational business issues experienced in foreign markets.  Actual joint ventures are discussed and explored as examples of resolutions to joint venture road blocks.

Who Attends

Senior leaders, directors, managers and key employees who assume negotiations and the merger and combined operation for joint ventures in an organization. 

Impact & Benefits

  • Learn how country political issues affect negotiations.
  • Develop a strategy for how and why joint ventures are done as part of successful global strategies
  • Learn skills for cross-cultural negotiation
  • Begin to recognize the impact of organizational culture in a joint venture collaboration


Richard M. Brandt