Program Overview

This program reviews the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), some of which aim to reduce costs by modifying payments to providers and others which seek to increase the quality of care. The provisions designed to accomplish both aims will be discussed simultaneously including the bundled payments demonstration initiative, promotion of Accordable Care Organizations, and the hospital value-based purchasing program. The program will conclude with a discussion of strategies to improve the efficiency of health care service delivery in light of the ACA and other recent health care market trends.

Who Attends

Health Insurance Plan Managers, Hospital and Health Network Administrators, State Health Program Managers, or Corporate Health Benefits Managers.

Impact & Benefits

  • Gain a basic understanding of major provisions of the ACA
  • Understand pay-for-performance programs
  • Gain insight into the ACA and understand how incentives are provided for health care delivery and which methods are used


Chad Meyerhoefer, Ph.D.