Deciding which program(s) to participate is a very individual decision based on personal & academic goals; aspirations as well as possible financial or time constraints.

Types of Programs

The information and fact sheets listed below describe common features; benefits and program options available to CBE students which will help in your decision process.

Short Term Programs | Winter Break

FACT SHEET: Lehigh Faculty-Led | Winter Break (PDF)

Common Features

  • 8 days - 3 weeks in duration.
  • Takes place during winter break.
  • Travel as a small group with Lehigh faculty.
  • Integrates course content in a targeted theme or topic.
  • “Content based” & structured itinerary.
  • Credit bearing.
  • Pre- departure meetings for preparation & post-departure meetings for review; reflection; presentations/project work.


  • Doesn’t interfere with academic schedule or other campus commitments (i.e. Greek Life, athletics, club leadership).
  • Can lighten your semester course load.
  • Lehigh faculty-led programs available; opportunity to earn Lehigh credits & even cases some CBE course requirements.
  • Intentional learning & understanding of course or experience from a global perspective.
  • Planned itinerary to maximize exposure to educational & cultural opportunities; but some free time to allow you to explore and experience the culture yourself.
  • Financial aid / grants often available.

Programs that earn CBE Credit

Vietnam and Singapore Global Lab - Learn about global business, international strategy, structure and the environment from business leaders in Vietnam and Singapore (new for 2018); and gain greater insight as to how two very different cultures influence business practices. (In Jan 2015; Jan 2016 and Jan 2017, the Global Lab took place in Singapore and Dubai.)

Programs that earn Lehigh credits that satisfy some of your non-CBE requirements

CBE students are required to take 6 credits Humanities (HU); 6 credits Social Sciences (SS) &  3 credits Natural Sciences (NS). There are many other opportunities open to business students to satisfy some of these requirements and also benefit from an international experience over their winter break.

Short Term Programs | Summer Term Lehigh Faculty-Led

FACT SHEET: Lehigh CBE-Faculty Led* | Summer Sessions (PDF)

Common Features

  • 4-6 weeks duration.
  • Earn Lehigh credit toward GPA.
  • May be able to travel independently or on same itinerary as a faculty leader.
  • Integrates course content into co-curricular activities.
  • Often internship or research options available to students.
  • Summer Credit & Program Fees apply.


  • Does NOT interfere with academic schedule or other campus commitments (Greek Life; athletics; club leadership).
  • Opportunity to earn Lehigh credits and satisfy CBE course requirements.
  • Support network of Lehigh faculty, staff and students.
  • Targeted learning & integrate course content from a global perspective.
  • Scheduled class time & related cultural opportunities; but some free time, especially on weekends, to allow you to explore, travel and immerse in the culture independently.
  • Funding often available.

Programs that earn Lehigh CBE Credit

*credit-bearing courses & internships/practicum

Programs that earn Lehigh credits that satisfy some of your non-CBE requirements

There are a number of other summer programs led by Lehigh faculty that will allow CBE students to get ahead and earn Lehigh credit for some of their non-CBE requirements. See Lehigh University's Study Abroad website for more information.

Semester Abroad Programs | Fall and Spring Semester

FACT SHEET: Study Abroad | Fall & Spring Semesters (PDF)

Common Features

A semester abroad can be organized directly with one of Lehigh’s Partner Universities; or working with an approved Program Provider.  Either way, your semester abroad experience will be coordinated through Lehigh’s Study Abroad Office (Coxe Hall).

There are 3 main types of Semester Abroad Programs:

  • Direct Exchange (or Enroll) - students usually receive international student standing and participate in the classroom alongside local students (in English or the native language) at the host university.
  • Program Provider - US-based organizations who specialize in sending students abroad for both credit & non-credit bearing experiences. Many Program Providers offer Island Programs in non-English speaking countries. Here, students take classes with other US students in English, but are usually also required to enroll in a local language course.
  • Hybrid Programs - these are a combination of both where students have the opportunity to study with other US students and local students.

Students are eligible from spring of sophomore year onwards to apply for a Semester Abroad Program. Please remember that you must apply no later than the semester prior to the semester you wish to go abroad.


  • Cost-effective way to study abroad as financial aid package and grants travel with you and go towards the costs of your semester abroad.
  • Longer period of time integrating study & living abroad fosters a more realistic perspective and understanding of the culture & people.
  • Personal growth and development: Increases confidence and independence; develops critical thinking and adaptability.
  • Opportunities to immerse further into local environment of the country through extracurricular activities, internships and service or widen your international experience overall by travelling to surrounding countries.
  • Other travel grants and scholarships may be available.

Below are some examples of possible abroad programming. Lehigh has over 200 approved programs in over 60 countries. 


Lehigh’s Study Abroad Office has a number of approved program providers that offer a wide-range of academic disciplines. Business students often use these programs for their semester abroad to satisfy non-CBE requirements or to take courses not offered at Lehigh. Below are some of the popular Program Providers used by Business students:

DIRECT ENROLL options available for universities in AUSTRALIA and UK. More information on program providers & direct enroll options available at Lehigh University's Study Abroad Office

IMPORTANT: “Approved program” does NOT necessarily constitute credit will be transferred. The transfer of ANY business course credit is at the discretion of the appropriate CBE  Department Chair. In fact, students must get approval on ALL coursework (both CBE & non-CBE) PRIOR to going on their SEMESTER ABROAD. CBE Credit Transfer Policy details procedure for advanced approval of Study Abroad courses OUTSIDE REGULAR FALL & SPRING SEMESTERS only. Please consult Study Abroad Office for Credit Transfer procedures and forms for transfer of study abroad credit.

Click for more information on direct exchange with International-partner University or organized through other program providers.

International Internship Program Opportunities

FACE SHEET: International Internship Opportunities for CBE Students (PDF)

There are a number of options for CBE students to understake an international internship.

  • Summer CBE Faculty-Led International Programs with an Internship/Practicum Component - Combines academic study (for credit) and work experience during the Summer Session only
  • Fully Funded International Internship Programs at Lehigh - There are a number of options available to business students to apply for fully funded international internship programs:
  • Semester Abroad and/or Summer Session Internship Programs through Program Providers - Lehigh's Study Abroad Office has identified a number of Program Providers that they work closely with that provide business-related International Internship Programs. 

Programs are available as a semester abroad and/or during the summer session. More information on International Internship Programs available here.

Planning Your International Experience

GUIDE: Go Global! Step by Step Guide (PDF)

There are many options available to CBE undergraduates to attain an international experience. Deciding which program(s) to participate is a very individual decision based on personal & academic goals; aspirations as well as possible financial or time constraints. Some questions may be answered here:

  • What types of programs are available?
  • How do I know which is the right one?
  • Why do I need global experience?
  • When should I start planning?

Students can work with their academic advisorStudy Abroad office or Global Initiatives Office and take advantage of the mentorship program offered through the International Business Club. Here students will be assigned with an CBE upperclassman to help navigate the options and application process. Also, be sure to learn more about our NEW International Business Certificate!

Steps of Planning
  1. Stop by the CBE Global Initiatives Office (RBC 107) Offers great interface between CBE and Study Abroad to help students business students. Email Sarah Wing at or stop by her office in Rauch Business Center, Room 107.
  2. Visit Lehigh University's Study Abroad Website and complete a MANDATORY “Get Started” Session on-line or attend a “Get Started” Session; then make an appointment to see a Study Abroad Advisor
  3. Discuss your abroad plans & remaining coursework with a CBE Staff Advisor (RBC 385) & Academic Advisor(s).
  4. Apply EARLY!  Applications for programs & funding are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Other Grants and Scholarships

Detailed information on grants and funding for international programs can be found at Lehigh University Office of International Affairs.