Welcome to the Lehigh MS Accounting and Information Analysis (MSAIA) website. I am pleased that you are here and are considering making an important investment in your future.

We believe that increasing the number of professional accountants with graduate education enhances both the individual’s capabilities and the stature of professional accounting.  We also believe that offering graduate education on a full-time basis with a cadre of students progressing through a shared educational experience helps integrate the coursework and develops students’ abilities to work on teams as often found in professional auditing and consulting engagements.  Our M.S. in Accounting and Information Analysis (MSAIA) program reflects this core philosophy.

Our program imparts to each MSAIA class an understanding of business organizations, the transactions and events affecting them, and their numerous value chain processes.  Rigor is embedded within the analytical and ethical frameworks in our program that are the bedrocks of successful professionals.  Students augment the eighteen credits of innovative MSAIA core coursework with twelve credits of graduate courses in finance, economics and other business fields to make up our thirty-credit program.  We partner with professionals from the major accounting firms who contribute to the educational experience in our core courses.

Starting with our first MSAIA class in 2001-2002, more than 90% of all graduates seeking employment found rewarding positions by the time they graduated.  For many years Lehigh has been a target school and prime source of accounting graduates for major accounting firms and other business and financial services organizations. Our graduates’ intelligence, pride in achievement and strong work ethic resonate with employers.  Many graduates became partners in CPA firms and executives in other organizations.


David Hinrichs, CPA
Director of MSAIA
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