“A one-year MBA? I didn’t even know that existed!”

Good news: it’s real and we think it’s pretty amazing. Even though our 1-MBA program is fairly new to the United States, the model has been hugely successful in Europe for a number of years. By taking a new approach and building an MBA program from the ground up, we feel this one-year, intensive program allows people with at least three years of work experience to get an MBA quickly while also saving money on program and opportunity costs.

So, is “the new way to MBA” right for you? Read these five fast facts and find out.

5. It’s only one year

Most MBA programs in the United States span two years and go by the traditional September to May academic year. At Lehigh, we model our program after popular European offerings which reduce the time commitment without sacrificing the level of education. You’ll start classes in January and earn an MBA in hand before New Year’s 2018. Happy holidays!

4. You get a summer internship

Most one-year MBA programs have to skip internships because the Sept – May academic calendar makes it impossible. However, by shifting our start and end dates we are able to retain the all-important internship experience. You get to network with established professionals and network as you learn, all while graduating in 12 months.

3. You save money

A full-time MBA program at a top school costs almost $200,000 on average, according to the Financial Times. Furthermore, the opportunity cost (the money you miss out on while you’re in the classroom instead of at a job) is estimated at an additional $123,000. But European schools have lower opportunity costs because the length of the program is shorter, meaning the 1-MBA program at Lehigh saves on tuition as well as opportunity costs. We know your time is valuable.

2. Multi-perspective approach

Yes, this is a business degree. But the great thing about the 1-MBA program is its interdisciplinary structure takes a holistic approach to business. While foundational work and core business classes will be part of the curriculum, students will look at subject matter through the lenses of multiple stakeholders. Deep dives into societal issues such as shifting demographics, climate change, urban renewal, and big data will provide rich and relevant subject matter, as students consider marketing, human resources, logistics, and financial aspects while learning from faculty members uncommonly devoted to individualized learning.

1. One year, three mentors

All of us need a hand every now and then. To that end, Lehigh’s 1-MBA program focuses on providing a triumvirate of support for its students. You’ll have a faculty advisor, professional career coach, and an alumni mentor to guide you along the way. That’s a level of support seldom seen in other academic programs of this caliber.

So there you have it, five quick facts about Lehigh’s brand new 1-MBA program. There are many more reasons why Lehigh University is a great place to earn your MBA in just one year, and if you’d like to find more information about the program or would like to set up a call with an admissions counselor you can do that by clicking here.