Major: Supply Chain Management Minor: BIS and Entrepreneurship
"Employers look at the Lehigh brand on my resume and understand that I am coming from a solid educational background and will be able to learn on the job."

What are your career aspirations?

"I plan on pursuing a career in supply chain management. I experienced working with the operations department in a corporate setting with my last internship and am interested in experiencing work in a new setting on the production floor, whether at a fulfillment center or manufacturing plant. I’m pursuing companies with exciting opportunities where I could make a significant impact on the projects I contribute to."

How well do you think the Lehigh business curriculum prepared you for success in getting a job or internship?

"Lehigh has definitely prepared me for the competitive environment of finding an internship that is a good fit. My core classes from freshmen year set me up for success at my internship going into sophomore year. I was able to understand the business and make meaningful contributions. Then, for my next internship I was able to apply my additional learnings from sophomore year to succeed on my team. Classes like BIS 111 taught me real world skills that I directly applied to my assignments, like creating reports and presentations. Employers look at the Lehigh brand on my resume and understand that I am coming from a solid educational background and will be able to learn on the job."

Have you found the curriculum to be flexible in allowing you to pursue diverse interests in addition to your business interests?

"Outside of my experiences with Lehigh’s CBE program, I have been able to pursue a minor outside of the business school and plan my study abroad for next semester. I’ve met students across Lehigh’s colleges in my Entrepreneurship classes and my elective classes, like the Social Origins of Terrorism. I’m excited to take classes in Barcelona like “Food as an Expression of Culture.” The CBE curriculum enables me to explore my interests outside of business, which is part of the reason I chose to go to Lehigh. "

Have you found someone within the CBE to be particularly helpful as you make important decisions?

"Sarah Wing, Lehigh’s International Specialist and the International Business Club’s advisor, has been a great mentor to me. Sarah has helped me with my own study abroad process as well as the study abroad experience of other students through her amazing support of the club. As president of the International Business Club, I have had the opportunity to take on a leadership role that impacts the college experience of my peers. From our International Opportunities information session to our Mentorship social, Sarah has helped me to help others."

Do you see yourself as part of a community that’s is instrumental to success now and beyond Lehigh?

"I feel part of a community at Lehigh. I have formed relationships with each opportunity I pursue. I have met amazing people as a member of Kappa Delta, as president of Belly Dance club, and during my classes. After college, these relationships will help form my professional and personal network. I feel confident that anyone I reach out to will be willing and happy to help me."

Are you proud to say that you are from Lehigh? If so, “why?”

"Yes, I am proud to say I am from Lehigh. At my last internship, I met a VP who went to Lehigh and connections like that happen everywhere. Lehigh alum engage in giving back to the university. For example, a couple nights ago at a Women in Business event during a panel on work life balance most of the panelists were Lehigh grads. That kind of support exists at Lehigh and life outside of Lehigh, while looking for a job and while advancing in your career."