Robert Duquette
Research Interests: Tax Policy, Federal Debt, Federal Tax Reform
Zach Zacharia
Research Interests: Knowledge Management and Collaboration within the Supply Chain, Supply Chain Disruptions, Supplier Innovation, Supplier Satisfaction, Financial Implications of Supply Chain Management
Georgette Chapman Phillips
Research Interests: Housing, Real Estate Law, Urban and Regional Planning
Paul Myerson
Research Interests: Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Supply Chain Operations Management technology, Forecasting and Demand Planning, Collaborative Planning processes and systems (i.e. CPFR; VMI; QR; ECR; etc.)
Chad Meyerhoefer
Research Interests: Health Economics, Public Policy, Applied Econometrics, International Economic Development
Matthew Melone
Research Interests: Corporate Governance, Federal income taxation, Executive compensation
Thomas Hyclak
Research Interests: Empirical analysis of the determinants of wages unemployment and job growth with a particular focus on urban/regional labor markets and on Poland as an exemplar of the transition economies., The evolution of the macro economy and macro policy in the US and other countries.
Liuba Belkin
Research Interests: Affect and Emotions, Electronic Communication, Trust and Cooperation, Negotiations