The Lehigh Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR) provides a multidisciplinary approach to value chain research and education, creating opportunities for innovation by integrating analytical and quantitative engineering approaches with process-driven and field-based business research. The center pursues a broad range of knowledge creation and dissemination activities, with the aim of providing an umbrella under which researchers and practitioners can both understand and advance the cutting edge of knowledge in value and supply chain management.
  1. Provides member companies with customized research projects, educational activities, and recruiting opportunities.
  2. Provides affiliated faculty members with a forum for forging interdisciplinary collaborations, gaining exposure to industry problems, and presenting research findings to other academics and practitioners.
  3. Trains undergraduate and graduate students through research projects and educational activities, and provides them with opportunities to meet potential employers.
  4. Disseminates cutting-edge research and best practices to the supply chain profession as a whole through symposiums, benchmarking studies, seminars, roundtables, and other educational programs, as well as through newsletters, white papers, and other publications.