Liuba Belkin, Associate Professor of Management Liuba Belkin, Ph.D.
Department of Management
  • Affect and Emotions
  • Electronic Communication
  • Trust and Cooperation
  • Negotiations
Paul Myerson, M.B.A.
Department of Management
  • Lean Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Management Technology
  • Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Collaborative Planning Processes and Systems (i.e. CPFR, VMI, QR, ECR, etc.)
Susan Sherer, Ph.D. - Department of Management Susan Sherer, Ph.D.
Department of Management
  • Information Systems Risk
  • Information Systems Investment Management
  • Inter-organizational Information Systems
  • IT Payoff
  • IT Role in Value Network
  • Health Information Systems
Larry Snyder, Ph.D. Larry Snyder, Ph.D.
Department of Industrial Systems and Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics, Transportation, and Facility Location Problems
  • Models for Decision-making Under Uncertainty
  • Applied Optimization
Robert Trent, Ph.D.
Department of Management
  • Global Sourcing and Supply Management
  • Predictors of Supply Chain Management
Yuliang (Oliver) Yao, Ph.D.
Department of Management
  • Business value of information systems
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Organizational learning in supply chains
  • VMI and CPFR
  • Incentive mechanism in supply chain collaborations
  • Empirical analysis: econometrics and survey based
Zach Zacharia, Ph.D.
Department of Management
  • Knowledge Management and Collaboration within the Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Supplier Innovation
  • Supplier Satisfaction
  • Financial Implications of Supply Chain Management