The Lehigh Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR) seeks to bridge theory and practice to promote a collaborative exchange of ideas on critical issues affecting supply chain management.  By leveraging Lehigh’s faculty and alumni, the Center aims to bring the latest developments in research and practice together to stimulate discussion to generate new ideas for education and knowledge in the field of supply chain management.

Quarterly Board Meetings

Members of the Lehigh CSCR board come together for an afternoon to discuss the latest issues they are dealing with in their companies to provide a forum to learn from each other, identify important trends and capitalize on new solutions.

Proposed Activities

  • Hosting conferences that brings together alumni, industry participants, academics and regulators on a topic of interest  (To begin Spring 2017)
  • Establishing a website highlighting Supply Chain Activities
  • Branding the Center
  • Identify a mechanism for student involvement

Advisory Board

Form an advisory board with alumni and other interested professionals whose roles may include:

  • Identifying topics and sponsors for the two conferences
  • Expanding the network of participants
  • Help build a mailing list
  • Feature an advisory board member on the website periodically when s/he has a significant achievement that affects the supply chain industry
  • Find ways to prominently recognize the Board at events and on the website
  • Recognize advisors at events of the Lehigh CSCR
  • Utilize the Advisory Board’s expertise to think strategically about the mission and direction of the center
  • Serve as a resource for members of the Advisory Board in continuing education, topical events and networking