Program Overview

If you are running a business, and you accept plastic for payments, you are required to be PCI compliant!

Credit card payment processing may be a big reason for your organization’s success. Your customers like the convenience of paying with plastic, and you appreciate the efficiency that those transactions provide when doing your accounting. In today’s world however, there are greater and greater security threats to every business’s credit card processing systems and it is essential your customers are comfortable with your organization’s ability to keep their credit card data secure and out of the hands of criminals.

So how do you know that you are maintaining the integrity of your credit card processing network? The answer can be found in a new worldwide designation known as PCI compliance.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) provides minimum requirements for addressing the security of systems handling credit card information. It also specifically requires that organizations "implement a formal security awareness program to make all personnel aware of the importance of cardholder data security and "Educate personnel upon hire and at least annually".

This course is designed to introduce key members of your organization to the standard itself, as well as strategies in addressing each of the PCI-DSS requirements for cardholder data security.

Who Attends

Executives, Business Managers, or IT Managers or Systems Professionals whose organizations are either seeking guidance on strategies, or attempting to implement solitons for, PCI Data Security and the PCI-DSS Standard.

Impact & Benefits

  • Describe the PCI Security Standards Council and the standards and reference documents maintained by the council, associated PCI payment terminology, the PCI Card Data Environment, and the scope of the varied PCI standards and guides
  • Formulate organizational strategy and action plans for identifying PCI DSS scope and conducting initial assessments of their PCI security and compliance level.


Keith Hartranft CISSP, PCIP
Chief Information Security Officer, Lehigh University