Voronezh State Technical University, Russia, B.S.
Drexel University, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Branding positioning strategies; brand inference; anthropomorphization
Negative brand performance
International and cross-cultural branding

Marina Puzakova joined the Department of Marketing of the College of Business and Economics at Lehigh University in 2014. Prior to joining Lehigh, Marina served on the faculty of Oregon State University.

Her research interests are in branding, brand anthropomorphization, and negative brand performance. She has been published in leading journals, including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Advertising, and Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. Her dissertation was selected as a Runner-Up for the Mary Kay Dissertation Competition sponsored by the Academy of Marketing Science. Marina also received an Outstanding Dissertation Award for the Social Sciences at Drexel University.


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  • Hyokjin Kwak, Marina Puzakova, and Joseph F. Rocereto (2015), “Better Not Smile at the Price: The Differential Role of Brand Anthropomorphization on Price Fairness,” Journal of Marketing, 79 (4), 56-76.
  • Puzakova, Marina, Hyokjin Kwak, and Monique Bell (2015), “Beyond Seeing McDonald’s Fiesta Menu: The Role of Accent in Brand Sincerity of Ethnic Products and Brands,” Journal of Advertising, 44 (3), 219-231.
  • Puzakova, Marina, Hyokjin Kwak, and Joseph F. Rocereto (2013), “When Humanizing Brands Goes Wrong: The Detrimental Role of Brand Anthropomorphization Amid Product Wrongdoings,” Journal of Marketing, 77 (3), 81-100.
  • Puzakova, Marina, Joseph F. Rocereto, and Hyokjin Kwak (2013), “Ads Are Watching Me: A View from the Interplay between Anthropomorphism and Customization,” International Journal of Advertising, 32 (4), 513-538.
  • Puzakova, Marina, Hyokjin Kwak, and Charles R. Taylor (2013), " The Role of Geography of Self in “Filling In” Brand Personality Traits: Consumer Inference of Unobservable Attributes," Journal of Advertising, 42 (1), 16-29.