The Lehigh Flex MBA program offers a variety of concentration areas. A concentration does not need to be declared at the time of application. In fact, many students earn an MBA without an area of concentration, which allows them to take elective coursework from a wide range of topics.

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management

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Corporate Entrepreneurship [VENTURESeries]

New venture creation is analyzed and dissected from the perspective of the established or developing company . These entities are committed to building new commercial enterprises to grow and remain competitive. How an organization can enhance its capability to market, organize, execute, integrate, and invest in new ventures is a constantly recurring theme in Lehigh's VENTURESeries entrepreneurship concentration. The concentration consists of six required courses plus the completion of six additional credit hours for a total of 12 credit hours. This concentration is available on-campus.

Required courses:

  • GBEN 403 Anatomy of Entrepreneurship: Start-Ups & Established Companies (1 cr)
  • GBEN 404 Market Opportunity: Targeting Strategies & Selling Tactics (1 cr)
  • GBEN 406 Performing a Business Enterprise Audit: Developing an Industry Perspective (1 cr)
  • GBEN 408 The New Venture Organization: Management, Design & Governance (1 cr)
  • GBEN 409 Financial Forecasting: Developing Pro Forma (1 cr)
  • GBEN 410 Financing Start-ups: Seeking Outside Venture Capital (1 cr)

Six credits from the following to complete the concentration:

  • GBEN 401 The Business Plan I: Strategic Considerations (2 cr)
  • GBEN 402 The Business Plan II: Operating Strategies & Implementation (2 cr)
  • GBEN 405 Intellectual Property: Management & Valuation (1 cr)
  • GBEN 407 Process & Infrastructure: Creating Production & Delivery (1 cr)
  • GBEN 411 Establishing Credit Facilities: Asset-Based & Cash Flow Financing (1 cr)
  • GBEN 412 Developing Exit Strategies: Concepts & Approaches (1 cr)
  • GBEN 413 Integrative Experience/New Venture Internship (1-4 cr)
  • GBEN 415 LehighSiliconValley (3 cr)
  • GBEN 424 Entrepreneurship and Innovation: From Idea to Opportunity (3 cr)

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In the era of a growing competitive and ever-changing global economy, the finance discipline has become increasingly important and complex. This has led to an expansion of career opportunities within corporations, investment firms, and financial institutions worldwide. The finance concentration examines corporate financial management internally and externally through analysis of a company’s financial health, its effects on the stock market valuation, and the return on its investments. Successful completion of 12 credits is required for the concentration. This concentration may be completed on-campus and online.

Required courses:

  • GBUS 419 Financial Management
  • GBUS 420 Investments

 You may choose two of the following three courses:

  • GBUS 424 Advanced Topics in Financial Management
  • GBUS 426 Financial Markets & Institutions
  • GBUS 473 International Financial Management

International Business

As global markets expand and become more dependent on one another, doing business internationally requires in-depth knowledge of foreign economies, customs, culture, and currencies. This nine credit concentration explores the broad issues associated with multinational and international companies, including opportunity, risk, legal issues, and marketing. This concentration may be completed on-campus and online.

  • GBUS 473 International Financial Management (required)
  • GBUS 475 Global Marketing Strategies (required)
  • GBUS 492 Global Business European Perspective
  • GBUS 492 International Immersion Programs: Greece, Chile/Argentina, China, Singapore/Malaysia, and/or the United Kingdom 


The importance of the marketing function is recognized by all sizes and types of organizations. Focusing on the creation of superior customer value and sustainable competitive advantage from an integrative perspective, the marketing concentration addresses a wide range of issues from global strategies to branding methods and is designed to be flexible in order to meet traditional and non-traditional marketing positions and situations. This concentration is comprised of 12 credits from approved courses, and can be completed on-campus and online. 

  • GBUS 460 Strategic Marketing Management
  • GBUS 465 Creating Breakthrough Innovations
  • GBUS 466 Marketing Research and Analysis
  • GBUS 467 Sales Management
  • GBUS 470 Marketing Communications Strategies
  • GBUS 471 Strategic Brand Management
  • GBUS 475 Global Marketing Strategies
  • GBUS 496 Marketing Analytics

Project Management

Organization, leadership, vision, scope—for those leading projects, these skills and traits are critical for the successful completion of the job at hand. A true project manager must possess strong management skills as well as process skills. The Lehigh University Project Management concentration is designed and developed for individuals with educational or professional experience in a variety of industries and disciplines.  Successful completion ​of 12 credits is required for the Project Management concentration.

​Required courses:
PMGT 409 Project Management Fundamentals (3 credits)
PMGT 410 Project Requirements and Scope Management (1 credit)
PMGT 411 Project Scheduling, Estimating, and Budgeting (1 credit)
PMGT 413 Project Risk Management (1 credit)
PMGT 416 Decision Making and Ethics on Projects​ (1 credit)
​You may choose ​5 credits from the following list:
PMGT 412 Advanced Scheduling and Scheduling Tools (1 credit)
PMGT 414 Managing Project Quality (1 credit)
PMGT 415 Project Procurement and Negotiation (1 credit)
PMGT 417 Project Leadership (1 credit)
PMGT 418 Facilitation and Teamwork for Projects (1 credit)
PMGT 419 Adaptive and Agile Project Management (1 credit)
PMGT 420 Managing Projects for Innovation (1 credit)
PMGT 421 Project Management Capstone (1-3 credits)

Supply Chain Management

Through in-depth study of an organization’s value chain, the Supply Chain Management concentration demonstrates how these activities are linked both internally and externally. In a creative, hands-on environment that uses case studies and industry experts, students explore the multiple factors that have impact on a company’s supply chain. Successful completion of nine credits is required for the Supply Chain concentration. The Supply Chain concentration is available on-campus and online. 

  • GBUS 450 Strategic Supply Management
  • GBUS 453 Transportation and Logistics Management
  • GBUS 432 Demand and Supply Chain Planning