Program Overview

Microfinance is an innovative strategy for poverty alleviation in developing economies that provide financial services for the economically active poor.  Lauded by leading practitioners and scholars in the development field as revolutionary, microfinance aims to meet the vast global demand for small-scale loans, savings accounts, and other financial services.  Through the establishment of sustainable and profitable institutions, microfinance is widely recognized as the most powerful tool to help the very poor throughout the world to rise above poverty.  Established in 2005, the United Nations International Year of Microcredit, The Martindale Center’s Microfinance Program aims to foster and promote understanding of the development and impact of microfinance locally and globally.  To accomplish these goals, the Center supports faculty research and curriculum development and works closely with departments and programs throughout the university, including the Global Citizenship and Integrated Product Development program.  The Microfinance Program is one of the very few programs nationwide housed in a department of business and economics that is devoted to research and teaching of this path-breaking approach to development.

Microfinance Club 2012 Officers

Brian Rowland

Michael Martinez
Co Vice President

Olivia Palms
Co Vice President

Andrew Zak

May Weiser

Past Conferences and Workshops

  • Expanding Financial Access in Africa: Prospects and Innovations in Microfinance

Program Agenda Overview

-Marguerite Robinson, "Expanding Financial Access in Africa," April 19
-Colin Sloand, "Overview of Access to Finance and Microfinance in Africa," April 19
-Deborah Drake, "Transformations," April 19
-Alex Silva, "Investment Opportunities," April 20
-Todd Watkins, "New Technologies," April 20

  • Innovation Roadmapping Workshop: MIS

Courses in Microfinance

  • ECO 296 Microfinance (3 credit spring)

Study Abroad

  • Ghana 2009
  • Peru 2008
  • Honduras 2006