Georgette Chapman Phillips, Kevin L. and Lisa A. Clayton Dean of the College of Business and Economics

To Our Visitors:

Welcome to the Lehigh University College of Business website!

I encourage you to browse our pages that are designed to not only provide you descriptions of our business programs and faculty, but to more importantly, capture the vibrancy of a community that embraces exploration and diverse opportunities.

Applying theory to real-world application is the hallmark of all Lehigh business degrees.  Students are challenged to think critically as they analyze real-world business problems. You will find our curriculum focuses on providing a strong grounding in the basic disciplines, at the same time as affording you the flexibility to follow your interests and achieve your personal goals.

We are part of a world class university and encourage you to expand your horizons beyond “just” business. Our undergraduate business degree requirements include rounding out your academics with exposure to classes in the arts and sciences.  This well-balanced experience provides important preparation for life-after-Lehigh. You will learn more about the world, others and yourself as you fulfill the necessary liberal arts undergraduate credits. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, we have several programs that are cross-disciplinary with other colleges at Lehigh. These integrated programs that leverage the strengths from across campus provide our students with a unique opportunity to cross academic boundaries.

Understanding the global economy and the importance of working in an environment that respects the cultural and business differences of a world without borders is a critical skill for business leaders in the twenty-first century. At Lehigh, you will have the opportunity to expand your global perspective whether it is by studying abroad for a semester, a summer, during the winter break, or through exchange programs with our international partners. 

It’s all about preparation. Whether you are preparing for your first job or for life in general, the time you spend at Lehigh will impact your future success. There are wonderful opportunities available to pursue your passions and work toward your professional and personal goals.

We understand that success of our educational programs can also be measured by the success of our students in the job market. Lehigh graduates are among the most sought after employees and recruited for their excellent preparation and ability to immediately add value to an organization. For the undergraduates, I am proud to report that the most recent survey of the Class of 2018, taken 6 months post-graduation, indicated that only 4 percent were still seeking placement and those with jobs garnered salaries that exceeded the national averages. Our MBA students are just as impressive as they leverage their graduate experience and advance in their career paths, often times prior to graduation.

Students who mean business about preparing themselves for life-long business will find our programs to be the “perfect fit.”  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Lehigh University's College of Business. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

Georgette C. Phillips
Kevin L. and Lisa A. Clayton Dean of the College of Business