Leverage Lehigh to Help Your Business Succeed

Our goal is to help you leverage over 150 years of academic excellence from within Lehigh University. With experts in leadership, innovation, science and technology, healthcare and more, we collaborate with you to design multi-level management programming that meets your needs.

Our expert faculty and staff from across the University will create an integrated development solution for your senior team, next generation leaders, or top technical experts. We partner with you and your team to design a tailored development solution that will help you retain the best and create a unique competitive advantage.

How do we begin?

Call us at 610.758.3598.

We will schedule a meeting to assess your concerns, interests, goals and objectives, and help create or select the best solution for your needs.

Interested in learning about Lehigh’s Executive Education program? Contact us today to hear more about our certificates, custom programs and more to determine which program is right for you. Please call us at 610.758.3590 or email execed@lehigh.edu.