Program Overview

What makes someone successful? Why do some people achieve wealth, while others don't? How can we predict who will make it big, who will barely make ends meet, and who will fail? How do we quantify the characteristics of highly successful people?

Rather than IQ or even EQ, new research shows that those who enjoy greater happiness and wealth in life possess a high ability to persuade, influence, sell, negotiate, motivate, lead, and understand human nature. These are not abilities taught in secondary school or college but by mastering them one can achieve greater success in life. Our term for the collection of these skills is "Persuasion IQ" (PQ).  Studies show that those who generate wealth and success always possess a high PQ. Persuasion is the number one skill possessed by the ultra-prosperous and by the best leaders.

So how do you develop a strong PQ?  What does it take to persuade with power? How do you measure your own PQ?

In this program, Kurt Mortensen will help attendees develop their tool kit for Powerful Persuasion. Once mastered, these skills will help attendees: win more clients, “read” people quickly and accurately, derive more satisfaction from personal and family relationships, close more sales, earn more…and, perhaps most important, hear that magic word “YES!” more often. Strengthening and mastering their PQ skills will give attendees the tools and the confidence to be more successful personally and professionally!

Attendees in this program will:

  • Learn the top 10 traits of power persuaders
  • Gain the ability to understand what their audience is thinking and feeling
  • Understand the blunders that you are doing that cause persuasion resistance
  • Create a psychological edge over your prospect
  • Learn to develop a rapport of greater trust with others
  • Understand why people to say NO 

Who Should Attend

Rising managers and leaders, team leaders, company leaders, fundraisers, or anyone who wants to enhance their PQ.


Kurt Mortensen
President, Advanced Influence

Date and Registration

This course will take place on Thursday, December 15th, 2016. The cost is $965.