Global perspective is inherent to business education and provides context from which students can better analyze the social, political and economic events of history and how its affecting business today. We can not overstate how important this world view is. Lehigh's MBA international immersion programs are integrated into a 3-credit (pre- and post- trip) classroom and field experience, designed to ensure maximum learning and relevance.

Pre-Trip - Trip preparation classes and individual paper topic selection.

Faculty provide broad overviews of the critical economic, cultural and political issues to be tackled while abroad. Students brief their colleagues on more specific background information about the host country and corporations we plan to visit, and then share with the class their ideas for the final project that will be due after the trip.

Trip - Approximately 8 days in duration.

Students and faculty depart on a Friday and arrive in-country early Saturday morning. The weekend is designed to acclimate students with the host country through cultural excursions and free exploration time. Two to three business site visits are organized per day, Monday through Friday, with organized cultural outings, dinners and free time in the evenings. Students are given additional free time to indulge in local culture before departing on Saturday or Sunday.

Post-trip - Classes include debrief and student presentations.

Upon return, the class discusses key takeaways and students present their own research findings to the class along with a research paper. With this model, we ensure a greater depth of learning and appreciation for the business and culture of the country visited and we help students develop insights immediately relevant to their current business activities.