There are a number of options for CBE students to undertake an international internship:

Fully Funded International Internship Programs

There are a number of options available to business students to apply for fully funded international internship programs:

Common features

  • Usually 4-12 weeks in duration over the Summer Session (May-Aug).
  • Internships are generally unpaid (however some companies do offer paid internships).
  • Non-credit or credit bearing international internship programs available.
  • Internships that combine academic study & work available.
  • Provide “hands-on” or real life experience. 
  • Opportunity to explore a specific career area and apply academic learning to the work-place.
  • Experiential learning and cultural immersion both in and out of the workplace.


  • An international internship will help students gain a wider prospective and understanding of the global market.
  • Integrating work, study and living abroad fosters a more realistic global perspective and understanding of the people and cultures.
  • Gain greater insight into how different management styles, company structures and cultures influence business practices.
  • Personal growth and development. Students demonstrate adaptability and develop a greater sense of confidence  and independence.
  • Students able to expand networking connection globally.
  • Other travel grants and scholarships may be available to offset cost of traveling abroad for internship.

CBE Faculty-Led International Programs with Internship/Practicum

Short internship that combines academic study (for credit) and work experience during the Summer Session only:

International Internship Programs through a Program Provider (non-Lehigh programs)

Semester Abroad programs that integrates an internship with coursework are becoming more  popular amongst CBE students, these programs are available as a regular semester abroad or a summer session program.
Lehigh's Study Abroad Office has identified a number of Program Providers that they work closely with that provide business-related International Internship Programs. Programs are available as a semester abroad and/or during the summer session. (Please check individual websites for details.)

International Internship Scholarship Program Opportunities

There are a number of options available to business students to apply for fully funded international internship programs:

Tauck Scholars Program

The Tauck Scholars Program, endowed by Arthur Tauck ‘53, provides an opportunity for business students to participate in an international internship or other international educational experience during the summer before their senior year . This scholarship program enables each Tauck Scholar to apply for an international internship program that best meets their interest and career goals. Tauck Scholars have participated in a wide range of international internship programs, ranging such as Lehigh Faculty-Led Internship Programs (Belgium; Prague; Shanghai & Ireland) as well as internships organized with approved program providers or even through direct contact with an international company directly.

Iacocca International Internships

Global Summer Internship program (non-credit) for Lehigh students that include international co-ops; research experiences, and internships or cohort internships which are led by a Lehigh faculty member that matches Lehigh students with their peers from another country to work as a team on a common problem facing a multinational corporation.

Students must apply for the internship. Open to students of all disciplines. The selection process takes into account a wide range of criteria and involves carefully matching individual students to the specific internship placements available. 

Placements are 6-12 weeks over the summer; unpaid and not credit bearing. Lehigh pays for each student’s travel, accommodation & meals. Modest educational stipend available to students with demonstrated need.

Martindale Scholars Program

A select group of Lehigh juniors and seniors (across Campus colleges) travel abroad to explore global business and economic issues.