Why an international experience is important

Globalization has created an increasing need on young business students to develop their global perspective and international skills in order to become more adaptable to a global market through a better understanding of global business issues and their ability to communicate more effectively with people from different countries and cultures around the world.

Benefits of international experience

In addition, CBE is continually looking at ways to partner with external organizations, Lehigh Alums and other groups (such as Global Union) on campus, to develop new programs. Our aim is to promote global awareness and experiences by providing the necessary tools and opportunities for our students to combine and apply their academic curricula in an international environment, and develop the essential skills to become more adaptable in a global professional workplace.

An international experience demonstrates transferable skillsets to potential employers (domestic and international companies) are looking for, such as adaptability; flexibility; cultural competency & awareness; independence; leadership and language.

The Center for Career & Professional Development can guide you on how best showcase and highlight your international experiences (abroad or from international programs on campus or within the US) on your resume or job application.