Our part-time Flex MBA program offers a concentration in Marketing

The importance of the marketing function is recognized by all sizes and types of organizations. Focusing on the creation of superior customer value and sustainable competitive advantage from an integrative perspective, the marketing concentration addresses a wide range of issues from global strategies to branding methods and is designed to be flexible in order to meet traditional and non-traditional marketing positions and situations. This concentration is comprised of 12 credits from approved courses, and can be completed on-campus and online. 

Credits required: 12

Choose 12 credits from the following list:

  • GBUS 460 Strategic Marketing Management (3 credits): The course studies the management of contemporary organizations from the perspective of a marketing manager. While the course content addresses the activities required to maintain a strategic fit between an organization's environment and its particular set of objectives and resources, the central focus is on designing strategic marketing actions for various types of organizations. The course pedagogy emphasizes the application of marketing and other business principles through seminars, simulations, or case discussion. Prerequisites: MBA 404.
  • GBUS 465 Creating Breakthrough Innovations (3 credits): Most products and services either fail or do average business, but some are phenomenally successful. Such products and services that provide phenomenal financial returns and become market leaders can be called "Breakthrough Products and Services." The main objective of the course is to improve our understanding of the process of creating breakthrough products and services. It is accomplished by in-class discussions of cases, assignments, and the state-of-the-art research work in academia and industry. The course concludes with a term paper that integrates the concepts learned from class discussions, reference books, and research papers and applies them to a real product. Must have graduate student status plus two years of postgraduate work experience.
  • GBUS 466 Marketing Research and Analysis (3 credits): This course focuses on procedures for collecting and analyzing relevant information for informed decision making by managers. The process of identifying research questions, developing instruments for collecting information, appropriate interpretation of information, and appropriateness of research methods are some of the topics discussed in this course. The course focuses on the process of doing marketing research as well as the techniques for analyzing information. Discussion of concepts and cases, developing data collection instruments, and doing actual marketing research projects will form the key elements of this course. Prerequisites: ECO 401 or BUEC.
  • GBUS 467 Sales Management (3 credits): This course takes an integrated approach to the study of sales management, including formulation of strategically sound programs and the implementation of selling initiatives and the evaluation and control of the organization’s sales activities. Topics include the role of the sales manager in the divergent demands of multiple constituencies; the development of effective sales organizations; lead generation and quota setting; territory management; and motivation and reward systems. Learning methods include case studies where students’ diagnose problems and develop viable alternatives.
  • GBUS 470 Marketing Communications Strategies (3 credits): This course focuses on how various elements of communications are integrated to achieve various organizational objectives. In addition to the traditional communication media such as advertising and point of purchase media, emphasis will also be placed on new media and strategies made possible due to the advances in technology. The course will involve discussion of concepts, case analysis and discussion, insights from practitioners, and group projects.
  • GBUS 471 Strategic Brand Management (3 credits): This course approaches the study of brand management by illustrating the formulation of strategically sound brand management programs and the evaluation and control of the implementation of key brand initiatives (new products, advertising support, etc.). Focus is on theories and models to develop and manage brand equity. Specific learning modules include customer development, brand strategy development, brand extension development and annual brand planning. Specific attention is focused on case studies and team projects in building, measuring and managing brand equity.
  • GBUS 475 Global Marketing Strategies (3 credits): The course is designed to provide a framework within which global marketing operation can be analyzed, understood, and undertaken. The course focuses on issues that are being faced by firms in today's global marketplace, particularly those that are related to strategy formulation and implementation. The learning experience in this course is placed on global business decision-making, through the use of case studies, projects, exercises, and lectures.

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