Welcome to the Lehigh FLEX MBA website.

For the busy professional looking to ready themselves for that next company challenge, earning your MBA can seem like a daunting task. Traveling for work, long days, and sudden changes in your schedule can be obstacles to taking on a graduate MBA program – a graduate degree much needed to taking your career to the next level. 

If you are here because you are looking into MBA programs, I'd like to ask you a question: "Why do you want an MBA"? It may be because it will open doors and opportunities for you at your current employer. It may be because you want to change direction, move into a new industry, or gain a fresh start in your career. It may be that you did your undergraduate degree in liberal arts or science or engineering and need to acquire business competencies as you move up in the organization and begin to lead and manage other people. It may be that you've taken a break from your career and want to regain traction. All of these are great reasons to get an MBA, and a Lehigh FLEX MBA can certainly help you reach any of these goals. 

But I hope you are also looking for something else beyond any of these reasons. You may not realize this yet, but getting an MBA will change you. It will give you a new perspective. It will broaden the way you look at the world. It will give you new insights and understanding that you can apply to your life, your career, your organization. It will open up possibilities that you didn't imagine before. While you may have come to this website to find more information about the program, the courses, the requirements, the rankings, what you will also find are stories. Stories of our students and alumni and the possibilities they never imagined before coming into the program- yet possibilities they are now turning into reality.

As you read these stories and the information contained in this website, we hope you will get a feel for the Lehigh FLEX MBA. We have been recognized by U.S. News & World Report in 2019 as the #13 Online MBA and the #25 Part-Time MBA in the nation, as well as by Poets&Quants as having the #5 Online MBA in 2019. But the Lehigh MBA reputation goes beyond the rankings: our university was established in 1865, our program is accredited by the AACSB (the most prestigious accreditation in the world), our MBA program has been training business and industry leaders for over 50 years, our College of Business and Economics celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010, and our alumni are among the most successful and loyal you will find anywhere. In addition to all of that, our campus is one of the most beautiful in the country. The location is ideal as well: the Lehigh Valley is conveniently located to the business hubs of Philadelphia (less than one hour), and New York City (just over one hour). Attend on-campus or attend on-line - or choose a combination of both depending on your schedule that day? 

The LEHIGH UNIVERSITY FLEX MBA provides an unparalleled level of flexibility to the active professional. Students can opt to participate on campus or online each day through our unique ClassroomLIVE experience, depending on what their schedule that day dictates. Perhaps you prefer the networking environment of being on campus, but you need to travel for a work assignment for two weeks. Attend classes in person, and when you leave town you can join your classes online Live during your time away. It’s the ultimate, convenient hybrid learning environment.

Even if you choose part-time enrollment you will still have a networking cohort, adding the same value to your time here at Lehigh as a full-time student would receive. Additionally, the Lehigh Alumni Network is a robust asset that you will take with you and access regularly as you move up in your career.

If you are already finding yourself in a hectic management environment, or aspire to moving upward into positions of greater responsibility at your company, there is no longer any reason to wait to attend Lehigh University to earn your MBA.

Our faculty is both global in origin and renowned internationally. We strive to live up to our promise of "developing leaders for global impact" and have an integrated curriculum that reflects the realities of business and provides options for specialization and global immersion opportunities.

We offer flexible program pace within our evening course schedule. There are FLEX MBA options on campus and online via live interactive distance technology to fit the flexibility of your lifestyle and career strategy. Most importantly, the Lehigh FLEX MBA represents students and alumni from all geographic regions, career backgrounds, age groups, and life experiences. 

Outside of the classroom, the Lehigh FLEX MBA offers students numerous opportunities, from our professional development program to vibrant student groups, networking opportunities, and executive speaker sessions.

I hope you enjoy your exploration through the Lehigh FLEX MBA website. Our team stands ready to assist with any questions you might have. We look forward to you joining us!

All the best!

Megan Van Voorhis
FLEX MBA Program Director
Tel: 1-610-758-5289
Email: mab308@lehigh.edu