All of us need a helping hand every now and then. Lehigh's one year MBA program focuses on providing a trio of mentors for each student. You'll have a faculty advisor, dedicated career coach, and an executive advisor assigned to you at the onset of the program. They will personally serve as mentors and assist students with elective course selection, career management and networking for full-time job placement.

Meet our Executive Advisors below and learn why they are a part of the Lehigh one year MBA program!

Wayne Barz - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Wayne Barz

Manager, Entrepreneurial Services - Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeast PA

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Karen Boksan - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Karen Boksan

Director of Network Marketing/Public Relations - St. Luke's University Health Network

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Erika Butler - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Erika Butler

Product Manager, Upper Endoscopes - Olympus 

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Ray Cardonne - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Ray Cardonne

CFO - SBS Group

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Alex Gildner - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Alex Gildner

Senior Finance Manager - Starbucks Coffee Company

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Jake Huber - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Jake Huber

Regional Manager - Industrious

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Rikhi Kaushal - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Rikhi Kaushal

Reagents Product Manager, Diagnostics - EUROIMMUN US

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Jason Kauwell - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Jason Kauwell

Vice President, Project Management - Clutch Holdings, LLC

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Ann Lewnes - 1-MBA Mentor

Ann Lewnes 

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer - Adobe

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Asim Lilani - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Asim Lilani

Director, Customer Value & Strategy - Qlik

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Shannon McHugh - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Shannon McHugh

Financial Advisor - Merrill Lynch

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Anita McPoyle - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Anita McPoyle

Director, Business Planning & Analytics - Retail Business Services

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Matt Moyer - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Matt Moyer

Director of Clinical Supply Technology - Merck

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Thomas Mutchler - 1-MBA Executive Advisor

Thomas Mutchler

Vice President, Global Engineering & Manufacturing - Air Products

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If you are a professional looking for an MBA program that will enable you to confidently Pivot in your career with the best tools and opportunities, look no further than the Lehigh 1-MBA Program.

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