We have funding options available for graduate students in our one year MBA program

One Year MBA Scholarships

Applicants for scholarships must receive an offer of admission to the one year MBA program in order to be considered for an award. Awards are determined upon a combination of merit and need. The Committee on Financial Aid will consider an applicant's work experience, undergraduate record, and test scores to determine scholarship awards.

If you are being sponsored by your current place of employment (gap year), then a letter from the employer outlining the employer's tuition reimbursement policy/stipulations for your attendance must be submitted to the Graduate Programs Office.

Dean's Scholars

The Dean's Scholarship is based on the strength of your application package. This scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship and a $10,000 stipend. 

Director's Scholars

The Director's Scholarship is a merit based, partial tuition scholarship.  Awards range from $5,000 - full-tuition scholarships.

Asa Packer Social Entrepreneurship Award

The APSEA Scholarship Program is open to any social entrepreneur, aspiring social entrepreneur or leader of a social enterprise.  The honoree will be selected through an application process and the scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship with an $18,000 stipend.  To apply for this award or to learn more, visit the APSEA page here.

Lehigh Alumni Scholarship

The Lehigh Alumni Scholarship is for graduates of Lehigh University degree programs from any of our four colleges at any level (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate).  This scholarship is for applicants to the 1-MBA beginning with the July 2018 intake and the amount is $10,000.  Candidates who receive this scholarship are still eligible for additional awards listed above.  However, the Lehigh Alumni Scholarship is a guaranteed amount for eligible alums who return home to their alma mater for the 1-MBA Program.  It's our way of saying, "Welcome Back!"

United Nations Scholarship 

Lehigh University is pleased to announce the allocation of 3 full-tuition scholarships for the Lehigh 1-MBA program to staff of the United Nations and diplomatic missions to the United Nations. Each scholarship covers the tuition for the one-year MBA program. The scholarships will be given on a competitive basis to applicants from the United Nations family. The first scholarships will run from July 2018 to May 2019 and will allow grantees to complete a full, rigorous MBA in one intensive year. Lehigh will award qualified UN applicants that are not selected for the full-scholarships, grants of at least $10,000 in tuition scholarship.

U.S. Military Scholarship

The U.S. Military Scholarship is for members or veteran members of the United States Armed Forces.  As a thank you for your service, beginning with the July 2018 intake of the 1-MBA, the 1-MBA Program will award eligible U.S. Military Post-9/11 Bill users up to a 20% additional scholarship to the tuition allotment portion of their Post-9/11 Bill award amount (not to exceed the 1-MBA program tuition amount).  


Lehigh University is a participating institution with the Yellow Ribbon Program.  Veterans who are eligible to receive this benefit should contact the Department of Veteran's Affairs through this link to learn more about the Yellow Ribbon Program and how the benefit can be used at Lehigh University.  All of the Graduate Programs at the College of Business & Economics are available to candidates who plan to use their tuition benefit. Thank you for your service! 

Lehigh Global Village Scholarship

The Lehigh Global Village Scholarship is for Lehigh Global Village alums who return to Lehigh for the 1-MBA Program.  This award is equivalent to the current Global Village Tuition amount in the summer prior to beginning the 1-MBA.  Candidates who receive this scholarship are still eligible for additional awards above, but the Global VIllage Scholarship is a guaranteed amount for eligible GV Alums who return to Lehigh for the 1-MBA Program.  It's our way of saying, "Welcome Back!"

One Year MBA Financial Aid

Deciding to go back to school is a big decision, but figuring out how to pay for it doesn't have to be. The Lehigh 1-MBA offers college-awarded financial aid, merit scholarships and U.S. Government loans.

1-MBA Tuition $64,750
Health Insurance $1,970
12 Month Living Expenses $14,400






The cost of living in the Lehigh Valley is very affordable. The Office of Residential Services maintains on-campus graduate student housing that ranges from $545/month to $735/month with a variety of options. A list of off-campus apartments is available through their website. For more information on graduate housing, contact the Office of Residential Services at (610) 758-3500 or inrsd@lehigh.edu.

The Office of Graduate Student Life website contains comprehensive information on temporary and permanent housing, roommate forums and finders, a list of off-campus apartments, and links to local newspaper classifieds. Information on leases and city inspections may be obtained here too.


Lehigh University has entered into an agreement with University Health Plans, Inc. to provide graduate students with the option to purchase sickness and injury coverage.

The University’s Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping students attain a Lehigh University education, no matter your financial circumstances.  The latest financial aid information for graduate students can be found here.

For more information on financial aid and scholarships for Lehigh’s one year MBA program, contact us at business@lehigh.edu. To apply online, visit Lehigh's online application system.