Lehigh University offers 1-MBA and Technical Entrepreneurship Dual Degree

Tech + Business = Launchpad. The 1-MBA and Technical Entrepreneurship dual degree is the perfect combination of technical and managerial curriculum. Learn more below! 


1. Who is a good candidate for this program?

If you have a strong entrepreneurial drive but also want to build a solid business foundation, this program is ideal. Lehigh’s innovative 1-MBA program (http://cbe.lehigh.edu/mba-one-year) is an MBA experience that allows a student to complete rigorous curriculum that includes functional areas of business and embraces the shared value model that recognizes various stakeholders with time for an internship -- all within a 12 month period (January through December). Lehigh’s Technical Entrepreneurship program (https://te.lehigh.edu/) is a 12 month program designed to allow students to learn by experiencing the idea-to-venture process in an educational environment that's hard-wired to support the development of novel, innovative, and commercially viable technologies.

2. Is this a combined degree program?

No, a student must apply to and be admitted to each program separately. The admissions requirements for 1-MBA are here: http://cbe.lehigh.edu/mba-one-year/application-requirements. The admissions requirements for Technical Entrepreneurship can be found here: https://te.lehigh.edu/temasters/programrequirements

3. So if it is not combined, what is the advantage?

By having 10 credits counted towards both degrees, students save time and money.

 4. Does sequencing matter?

Yes, it does.  Because both programs have certain lock-step requirements, a student who wishes to take advantage of the overlap must begin with 1-MBA in January. The Technical Entrepreneurship program classes then begin in July.

5. What's the cost savings?

Students pay tuition for 1-MBA in year 1 Spring, year 1 summer session I, and year 1 Fall (currently $64,750). Students pay tuition for Technical Entrepreneurship for year 1 summer session II,  year 2 Spring and year 2 summer session I  (current cost would be $29,200). This represents a cost savings of $14,600 if a student were undertaking the programs separately.

6. What is the time savings?

Students can complete the two degrees in 18 months. If taken separately it would be 12 months for 1-MBA and 12 months for Technical Entrepreneurship.

7. Can I work part-time? 

While undertaking the 1-MBA component part-time work is not possible. It is a full time program.  While undertaking the Technical Entrepreneurship component some students may work as grad assistants.

8. What will students do during summer I of the first year?

Students will still be expected to do an abbreviated internship or relevant experience. We will work with students to find the right fit for the time period.

9. Is there financial aid available?

Yes.  Each program offers scholarships and loans. Students need to apply for aid separately in each program. Here is information for financial aid for 1-MBA: http://cbe.lehigh.edu/mba-one-year/scholarships-and-financial-aid. Here is information for financial aid for Technical Entrepreneurship: https://te.lehigh.edu/temasters/financialaid

Want to learn more about the Lehigh 1-MBA & Technical Entrepreneurship dual degree? Contact us today at business@lehigh.edu