You Save Money with Our One Year MBA Program

A full-time MBA program at top schools costs almost $200,000 on average, according to the Financial Times. Furthermore, the opportunity cost (money you don't earn while you're in the classroom instead of at a job) is estimated at an additional $123,000.

The one year MBA program at Lehigh is different because the length of the program is shorter, saving you money on tuition and lowering your opportunity cost. We know your time is valuable. 

One Year MBA Tuition Cost


One Year MBA Tuition Payment

Program Year 2018-2019. 

Tuition is payable in four semester payments. 

Approx. Payment Breakdown:
Summer: $12,950.00
Fall: $22,622.50
Winter: $6,475.00
Spring: $22,622.50

One Year MBA Financial Guarantee (International Applicants Only)

International applicants who accept the offer of admission must submit a copy of the financial guarantee demonstrating sufficient funds to meet educational expenses for the full program. Include a letter of sponsorship if the expenses will be paid by someone other than the student. The minimum amount you must cover to show solvency for immigration documents is $81,120 and includes the following costs:

Tuition $64,750
Health Insurance $1,970
12 month living expenses $14,400
Total $81,120

Please note: $81,120 is the minimum amount you must show for immigration purposes. The student's actual expenses will be greater and does not include $1,200 estimated for books and supplies, cost of optional immersion program during intersession, as well as personal and transportation expenses.

I-20 Immigration Information

Immigration documents will be issued to you upon:

  1. Acceptance of an offer of admission from Lehigh University
  2. Payment of the non-refundable $1,000 enrollment deposit (deposit will be applied towards your Bursar Bill upon matriculation at Lehigh University)
  3. Upload and verification of your financial guarantee and documents
  4. Upload Passport Information
  5. If applicable, input your Dependent’s Information

Fall 2018 deadline for uploading all information is June 27, 2018.

Tuition is subject to change at the discretion of Lehigh University

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