Welcome to the 1-MBA program!

As you consider a MBA, I know you are thinking about accelerating your career, achieving your maximum potential, and realizing your dreams.  But I also know that you are thinking about the investment that it takes - in time, money, and the cost of stepping out of the workplace for a year or two, and what the end result of that investment will be. 

In designing the Lehigh 1-MBA we had these very concerns in mind.  We thought about the time investment that you are making - and packed the same rigor that you would find in a two year program into 12 months.  We thought about the financial investment that you are making - and developed a program that has both a lower tuition cost and lower opportunity cost than a typical two year program.  We thought about your need to try a different role or gain a different experience and we included a Consulting Practicum.  We thought about your post-MBA career track - and matched you up with a three-person coaching team to help mentor you before, during, and after this professional transition.  We thought about how the world will change over the course of your career - and developed a unique curriculum that gives you the ability to adapt to radical societal shifts in the future, providing value to your future employers, and “future-proofing” your MBA.  We thought about all these things because we know that this is a large, critical, one-time investment in your future career, and you, and we, have to get it right.

As you explore our 1-MBA program, we invite you to compare it to the best MBA programs in the world.  We believe that we offer a unique combination that values your time, your financial investment, and your career objectives.  The 1-MBA program will position you to accelerate your career, and give you a mindset that is prepared for whatever the future may bring.

As the Director of the 1-MBA program, I am excited to go on this journey with you, and I look forward to helping you achieve the kind of success you envision.  There is no doubt that 1-MBA is a different model, for a different kind of student.  Is it for you?




Kevin Ezzell

Program Director, 1-MBA
Phone: (610) 758-3418