As you consider a MBA, I know you are thinking about pivoting in your career, achieving your maximum potential, and realizing your dreams. But I also know that you are thinking about the investment that it takes - in time, money, and the cost of stepping out of the workplace for a year or two, and what the end result of that investment will be. 

In designing the Lehigh 1-MBA we had your very concerns in mind. We thought about the time investment that you are making - and packed the same rigor that you would find in a two year program into 12 months. We thought about the financial investment that you are making - and developed a program that has lower opportunity cost than the typical two year MBA program. We thought about your need to test your abilities in a different role or gain a unique experience so we’ve included a Consulting Practicum – one that immerses you in experiential learning through a series of real-company externship projects. We thought about your post-MBA career track - and matched you up with a three-person mentoring team to help advise you before, during, and after this professional transition. We thought about how the world will change over the course of your career - and developed a unique curriculum that gives you the ability to adapt to radical societal shifts in the future, providing value to your future employers, and “future-proofing” your MBA experience. We thought about all this because we know that this commitment is a critical, investment in your future career, and you, and we, have to get it right.

As you explore our 1-MBA program, we invite you to compare it to other outstanding MBA programs across the globe. We believe that we offer a unique combination that values your time, your financial investment, and your career objectives. The 1-MBA program will position you to pivot in your career, and offers you an experience that prepares you for success in whatever future business world challenges may bring.

As the Director of the 1-MBA program, I am excited to go on this journey with you, and I look forward to helping you achieve the kind of success you envision. There is no doubt that the Lehigh 1-MBA is a different model, for a different kind of student. Is it right for you?




Kevin Ezzell

Program Director, Lehigh 1-MBA
Phone: (610) 758-3418