The Ph.D. in Business and Economics Program relies on a balanced approach to both research and teaching

Lehigh's Ph.D. in Business and Economics program focuses on the fields of health, labor, industrial organization, applied macroeconomics, and applied econometrics, and aims to prepare students for careers at colleges and universities, non-academic research organizations, business enterprises, and government agencies. In addition to the core requirements from a traditional program, there is increased emphasis on the application of economic theory and econometrics.

The program admits cohorts of between seven and nine students every two years. As a result, classes are small and students are able to work closely with faculty. Candidates from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to apply. However, adequate minimal preparation involves undergraduate coursework in intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, introductory statistics, three semesters of calculus (through multivariable calculus), and linear algebra. Candidates with deficiencies in preparation may be conditionally admitted to the program subject to the successful completion of preparatory courses during the preceding spring or summer.


The Ph.D. in Business and Economics program contains an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes STEM fields, which qualifies the program as a STEM designated degree.

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