At Lehigh University’s College of Business, we prepare our students for success.

From our outstanding undergraduate and graduate curricula, to our top faculty and alumni network, students have endless opportunities for learning and discovery inside and outside the classroom. At Lehigh University’s College of Business, we prepare our students for success. 

Applying theory to practice is the hallmark of a Lehigh business degree. It’s all about preparation, and the Financial Service Lab is a perfect example of one way we bring “real business” to life! This state-of-the-art facility provides students the opportunity to work with real world financial software and data – a proven competitive edge in the job market. 

Outside the classroom, we have vast international opportunities, including paid international internships and international business immersion trips. Global opportunities for our business students-both undergraduate and graduate, are key to helping them gain a versatile mindset in a global market. 

Our proximity to New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC makes it easy for our students to explore career choices. Companies hiring our students include: Accenture, EY, PWC, JP MorganChase, and IBM – to name a few. On average, 96 percent of Lehigh Business students are pursuing careers or career-related activities, six months after graduation. They are not “just finding jobs,” but are finding well-paying jobs. The average “first salary” for our business majors consistently exceeds the national average. At the graduate level, our MBA students are just as impressive as they leverage their experience and advance in their career paths, often time prior to graduation. Within these four walls of Rauch Business Center, we take your career aspirations very seriously. We provide you the tools that help chart your path to success.

To see the more details on outcomes, see job placement success.

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